3 Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow and the fear of completely ruining your plan presents itself, here are some options for gifts and ideas to stay healthy and on the plan this week.

  1. Skip Dining Out. We know all the restaurants will be packed tomorrow. Consider cooking and dining in by candle light. Stick to grilling a lean protein, preparing a nice salad, and ending with a small portion of whole wheat pasta, rice, or sweet potatoes. Top it off with a nice bottle of red wine and do not forget the dozen red roses. Chicks love that!
  2. Try a Chocolate Alternative. If you’re considering buying her some chocolate this Valentine’s Day, maybe think again if your gal is trying to meet some goals. It’s completely ok to splurge and enjoy life here and there. I fully support that! I had to share what I saw this morning in the grocery store: two chocolate covered strawberries, one for you and one for her. Also, there are some beautiful fruit arrangements that look like bouquets that can be delivered to her office tomorrow. If local to the Wiregrass, you could call Delectable Edibles today!
  3. Get Active. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be a sit down date. Skip dinner and do something more adventurous with your loved one. Plan an outdoor date. Try a hike, a healthy picnic, visit a local park, play a game of tennis, go roller skating, or challenge them to a game of miniature golf.

Have any of your own Healthy Valentine’s Day ideas to add? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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