All In

All In

I know many of you will ask about my trip so I figured there was no better time than to revisit blogging. I have honestly neglected my blog over the past two months after an outpouring and emotional writing of OVERCOME. Business continued, yet I knew there were some things that I still had to release to move forward with my business and with this nice long vacation of fun and soul searching, the Lord revealed many things to me that I will cherish in my heart forever. I have journaled them all and I highly recommend journaling to the Lord. See what he is telling you! Spend less time talking, more time listening.

On good Friday, I got my first tattoo. “Consecration.” Full surrender to the blood of Jesus Christ. I had wanted one for a long time but was too scared of what people think. “That’s trashy and you’re too classy.” Who really cares? If you aren’t suppose to tattoo your body, then please take out your earrings, stop cutting your hair, and buying designer clothing.

Then, I observed Lent for this first time this year and I gave up frivolous spending. It totally redirected me to prayer and to the cross. It all comes down to the cross. So then, I got a second tattoo of the cross with the dove imprinted on the right. The dove represents when the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus when he was baptized in the river by John the Baptist. I intend on being baptized in the Jordan River when I travel to Israel in February. And while in Greece, I got my third tattoo (sorry Mom and Dad). It says “I am redeemed” in Greek!

Redeemed. Redeemed by Jesus. All in for business. All in for Katie Newton Consulting. All in for Rodan+Fields. All in for Orange Theory Fitness. Sounds crazy right? And all in for people that I am supposed to help. All in for the right relationships. All in for health and fitness. All in for world travel. All in for everything that is important to me. These are desires and gifts that God has placed on my heart. No more questioning. No more doubt. No more debt. Jesus paid it all. No more “this is just the way I am.” These are all amazing revelations that God spoke on my heart while sailing the Aegean Sea.

Satan has been lying to me. He continues to lie to me that I am not good enough, not capable, not worthy, and never will be able to pursue the dreams I want to pursue. With that being said, forget you Satan. Stop with the lies.

Busyness. If Satan cannot get me to sin, he will throw more at me than I can handle and instill in me that I cannot do it all. I just listed A LOT of things I am committed to. Satan keeps really, really good records. Unfortunately, he knows my weaknesses. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I seek to please, I seek to work and I work hard. Sometimes, there is so much work, that I cannot even continue and it leaves me paralyzed. To those of you that it has effected personally, I am sorry. But aren’t we all a work in progress? It blows my mind that some people can seriously work and run a business without the Lord. Like… how? So with all the business endeavors listed, God has spoken to me to be ALL IN.

So with this soul searching, I have committed to a few things on this trip and then I will individually blog about the experiences and food in Greece because it was truly a trip of a lifetime. I have been here for 7 days and I am feeling slightly upset that I only have 4 more days on the islands. I never feel more close to the Lord than when I am by the water or looking at some magnificent creation. God gave me a few of those big moments this trip where it literally brought tears to my eyes. I mean… He MADE this. How can someone watch the sunset go down in Santorini and not believe there is a god? How can someone eat saganaki and not believe there is a God? (He clearly intended on fried cheese being a gift on earth). And how can someone not look at the Aegean Sea and know that He created all of these parts to fit perfectly together? I stand in awe. So with all of this, I have written my bio for my best selling book that will one day be published. I am manifesting that it will happen through the power of Jesus Christ. I have a feeling He will bless it ten fold than what I anticipate.

So with big dreams I write:
Katie Newton is an award winning author, a small business owner, a public speaker, a loving mother, an awesome wife, a world traveler, a philanthropist, and a girl who crushed her giants of anxiety and fear of failure, depending on God to make this happen. She prayed that her efforts would be blessed with the right heart in slaying at life by sharing Christ with others through her passion to RID men and women of body image issues. At the age of 29, she committed to live a life loving others, inspiring, sharing through writing and spreading the love of Jesus wherever she went.

Go big or go home, right? Jumping ALL IN.

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