How to Travel Without Ruining Your Diet

I LOVE TO TRAVEL, especially for pleasure. A lot of clients begin to panic as a trip comes up that is totally going to de-rail their diet. We get comfortable in our routine, the scale is maintaining or decreasing and we are on fire! And then, your kid has to travel to Atlanta for the weekend for a dance competition! Traveling and sticking to your plan doesn’t have to be hard. It takes commitment. Here are some of my tips for traveling:

  1. Set your alarm so that you stay on schedule. It is so important to eat on a schedule so that your insulin and metabolism stays regulated.
  2. Food prep for the trip. If traveling through airports, you will be limited to what you can take in a carry on but you can still make it work. My favorite tip is ziplock bags. You should have some kind of itinerary for where you will be and what meals you can take to eat. You can portion so much in ziplock bags and write on them with a permanent marker.
    • Portion out almonds and peanut butter in to 1 oz disposable cups.
    • Lower sugar instant oatmeal packets easily travel.
    • Disposable plastic utensils and a few paper bowls will get you started.
    • Rice cakes are super light in any bag.
    • Protein Bars can be a meal in itself due to high calories, protein and carbs.
    • Portioned casein and whey proteins in snack ziplock bags help with post hotel workouts and bedtime snacks.
    • Peel to open tuna packs are a quick way to get some protein in.
    • Bananas, apples and oranges are very easy to peel.
    • A protein shaker cup can be used for mixing and be refilled at water fountains along the way.
    • Pack all of your quick food in a gallon ziplock bag.
    • Navigate airports for salads and chicken, boiled eggs, and ask to use the microwave!
  3. Plan ahead where you will be Dining Out.
    • Skip the sugary beverages and alcohol.
    • Bypass the free bread and tortilla chips.
    • Order what fits your diet and then ask the server to bring a to-go box so you can immediately portion your food so that you are not overeating. Two meals for the price of one!
    • Stick to grilled, baked, and roasted but ask that it not be cooked in oils and butter. Always ask for sauce and salad dressings on the side.
    • Use your smart phone! Plan ahead to know what’s on the menu so in a state of weakness, you choose something that doesn’t fit your plan.

As with everything in nutrition and fitness, balance is the key to success. Use these tips next time you travel and let me know how it works for you! If you have any of your own tips, please comment below to share with the community.

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