Managing your Fun on Spring Break

How many of us have pulled the old excuse, “but I am on my vacation!”, as we indulged in that dessert or high calorie drink? Or even as we kicked the running shoes back into our bag and told ourselves we would start fresh once we were back home in routine? I think we have all been guilty of that in the past, I know I have! 

The good news is we can have our vacation and enjoy the things we love and time to rest and relax without totally compromising our fitness goals. 

Spring Break is upon us, and that means beach trips and family vacations or cruises or getaways with friends. Whatever it looks like for you, we still want to look and feel our best and not blow our goals with lots of ground to recover when we return home. 

Check out these four tips to have your fun and not get too far off track while you’re on spring break:

1. Decide what treat meal you want to have in advance, and otherwise stick within your regular eating plan as best you can when dining out. I am all about making the most of every travel experience, so if you are visiting an area known for a special dish or famous dessert, then by all means have some! Enjoy your visit and take in the food and culture. BUT outside of the special foods you plan for, stick with lean proteins, green vegetables, and fresh fruits. Every meal is not a treat meal! Pick a couple foods your heart (or tastebuds) most desire. While you are at the beach, take advantage of the fresh seafood options, just opt for grilled over fried and ask for the buttery sauces to be left off. Always remember, go light with dressings and sauces and get them on the side or not at all whenever suitable.

2. Bring your own foods! Don’t rely on fast foods or beachside snacks for quick lunches or afternoon munchies. Pack up some healthy snacks or hit the grocery store when you arrive at your destination. Keep some almonds or walnuts, fresh fruit, carrot and celery sticks, and tuna packs on hand for quick meals and snacks. These items fit easily in a backpack or beach bag. Take control and still plan healthy snacks around the same time of day as you would have them at home. Keep a large water bottle like a Nalgene that you can refill- being away from home is no excuse to skimp on the hydration factor.

3. On that note, water water water! Stay hydrated and it also helps you feel full. If you want to partake of an alcoholic beverage (or five), stick to a basic liquor like vodka or rum in diet soda or water. Mixers tend to be excessively filled with sugar and calories. Most liquors, wines, and light beer will add about 100 calories to your intake. Be mindful and only use lighter drinks and within moderation to avoid drinking in extra calories! Throughout the day, stick with water and other non caloric beverages. Stay on the lookout for a blog about smart beverage choices soon!

4. Stay active! If you are in a hotel with a fitness center, get up just half an hour early and go use it! Do some laps up and down the stairs, download a workout app like Sworkit onto your phone, do some burpees, stick a jump rope in your suitcase and combine that with some pushups and crunches, burn mega calories walking or jogging in the sand along the beach, etc. There are tons of options to still get moving even while away from home.

Keep in mind it is totally possible to stay healthy while on vacation. Just drop the mindset of “but I am on vacation!” and embrace that a healthy lifestyle is a privileged choice we make to take care of ourselves and keep feeling good for lots of travel in the future! 

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