Nutrition Workshop

If you understand the science behind nutrition and research, it makes eating healthy easier because you know WHY it works.

At Family First Chiropractic in Dothan, Alabama on Thursday, January 26th  6:00 PM, I am honored to have the opportunity to offer a nutrition workshop to those local in the Wiregrass. I will speak on what it takes to be successful with dieting and shifting the “diet” mindset to a healthy lifestyle that is easily maintained. The principles for success are understanding calorie balance, macronutrient balance, nutrient timing, food composition and supplements. If you would like to have your own specific nutrition plan to lose fat, gain muscle, or to simply develop maintenance, I will be offering special pricing to those who attend and would like an individualized plan.

As 2017 is kicking off, maybe you have decided to make a change, but aren’t quite sure where to start, commit and succeed. Accountability and consistency are key and I am here to help you develop that so you can meet your 2017 goals!

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