Shameless Selfie

I avoid posting super personal posts, but I pray that someone out there will be encouraged by my story.

Here’s to finally loving my gains, my training, my progress- mental and physical. To all of you close to me, you know what a hurricane 2016 was for me on my physical and mental health so I feel it’s finally a time to post and encourage from my experience. Love the Lord, love your body, love your life, love those around you, and live for no one else’s opinion. Fitness is what I do, not who I am. It took me a few fighting months to realize it and surrender it. I FEEL SO FREE.

The result is someone who feels strong, who appreciates and is learning to love each part of her body. I can lift disabled children at work with my strong arms. I feel closest to the Lord when I am running so I am thankful my foot has healed and I’m back on my feet. I can squat with my strong legs and am always asked to lift anything around the office to help others. The list goes on.

Progress, not perfection. Thanks to all of you who have supported me, encouraged me, listened to me and prayed for me. You know exactly who you are. I am beyond thankful.

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