Diet Trends to Look for in 2023

Diet Trends to Look for in 2023

Happy New Year, friends! We are so excited and expectant of all that is to come this year with the nutrition practice. January is famous for being a time of setting new goals and resolutions in hopes to make improvements to their health in the coming months. This year, we want to share three New Year’s resolutions that are quickly gaining traction on social media and in the nutrition world.

Sober Curious

The “Sober Curious” craze is built around the idea that alcohol has become a social requirement rather than an option at parties and gatherings. Sober Curious followers have decided to take a stand against the social “obligation” to drink simply because they feel it has become the expected norm. Because of this, these individuals have noticed an increased improvement in focus and sleep as well as a decrease in anxiety and illness. Rather than begrudgingly participating in Dry January and counting down the days until February 1st, consider adopting some of the habits of a “Damp” lifestyle. This ultimately means being mindful of the why behind drinking, and it calls for mindfulness when choosing to drink by noticing how you feel. Some of my favorite alcohol swaps include Kombucha and Sparkling water, which can be turned into some delicious mocktails.

Plant-Based Eating

Plant Based diets only reached new heights in 2022. While more and more research is proving meat alternatives to be chock full of chemicals, artificial preservatives, and questionable ingredients, the plant-based lifestyle consumes food mostly grown from the ground that does not aim to replace meats. Legumes, beans, vegetables, and lentils are the spotlight of plant-based diets. Plant-based also allows some room for occasional meat and seafood consumption, typically decided at the individual’s digression. While I am a firm believer in protein-rich diets, I think focusing on whole foods and plant nutrition is an incredible way to eat for your health rather than just your weight. Plant-based diets are a great way to incorporate more micronutrients on your plate this year. Why popular again? Huge cost savings with the increased price of meats.


The 80/20 diet has been seen all over social media, namely TikTok, in the past few months. The 80/20 diet evolved from the 80/20 rule, so it truly isn’t a diet at all. The idea behind 80/20 is to consume 80% whole foods such as lean protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates while aiming to maintain an active lifestyle. This means that the other 20% of your food allows for treats, beverages, and quality time on the couch resting. Intuitive eating is a close cousin of this lifestyle, as there are no specific, hard rules for this method. I have been teaching this since I opened my practice so that clients can learn balance! I think this is an incredible mindset to have that promotes gentle nutrition without restriction.

Will you give any of these a try this year? I’d love to chat with you further about these lifestyles, as well as answer any of your questions or concerns regarding nutrition. Give yourself the gift of nourishing and fueling your body well this year!

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