Exercise: Where to start for beginners

Exercise: Where to start for beginners

Most people often don’t know where to start when exercising. Gyms can be intimidating. For others, expensive equipment or pricey memberships are a significant deterrent. You may not physically feel ready to work out. 

Let’s make it real simple. One exercise has so many benefits, is free, and is perfect for all ages and fitness levels: walking! Walking is such an underrated form of movement. Simply walking can be done in countless locations and at your own pace. 

Walking relieves stress.

The biggest reason I promote walking is for stress relief! While walking does help contribute to your daily calorie burn, get your heart pumping, and increase your cardiovascular strength, it also works wonders for your mental headspace. Taking thirty minutes out of your day to walk can be a huge stress reliever. Lowering your cortisol levels, aka your stress levels, plays a much more significant role in weight loss than we give credit. Lowering those stress levels will also reduce your likelihood of making poor food choices throughout the day. 

But where do I even start?

My secret sauce is a good, motivating podcast. Walking with friends or family can also provide some community and accountability. A boosted mood and increased energy will follow your walking time. Next time you feel overwhelmed or unsure how to work out, start with a simple walk around the block.

Try to aim for a 30-minute walk two days a week. Impress yourself when you start doing more. Allow yourself to move, unplug from the busyness of life, and breathe.

Are you a beginner just starting or an experienced gym-goer? Let me know how you like to exercise in the comments below.

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