Part 2: What are the healthier options for alcoholic drinks?

Part 2: What are the healthier options for alcoholic drinks?

If you missed Part 1 of this series, go back and read it. We talk about how alcohol metabolizes in your body. It’s a really cool process.

For many trying to lose weight, quitting alcohol cold turkey seems necessary. However, cutting down on calories does not mean you have to cut out all alcohol! Living a healthy lifestyle can involve drinking alcohol in moderation and responsibly.

You might want to make a few tweaks to help you cut down on some calories. Most people don’t realize how much-added sugar is in your drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic! So many sugar-sweetened beverages are standard drinks to order, buy, and make. By simply cutting back on some of this not-needed sugar, we can considerably lower our caloric intake while enjoying a drink. This will make fitting alcohol into your lifestyle much more reasonable and beneficial to your weight loss goals.

When drinking at home, you can choose healthier drink options to include fresh fruit as garnishes, pure fruit juices, soda water mixers, and clear spirits like vodka and tequila. Consider using honey or agave nectar to sweeten your beverage.

For ordering a drink while dining out, ask for no simple syrups and creams. These are packed with added sugars. This drives up the caloric content of your drink but can also cause disturbed blood sugar levels. You can also bring along low-calorie mixers to add to your glasses for some sweetness.

My personal favorite? Tequila with club soda and lime.

Don’t restrict yourself from your favorite beverages. There is room for all foods and drinks in a balanced and moderated diet. Try out some of these swaps, and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned! Part 3 is coming up next week.

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