Simple Swaps When the Grocery Store is Out of Stock

Simple Swaps When the Grocery Store is Out of Stock

If you haven’t noticed, running to the grocery store to grab a quick ingredient is not always a guarantee. You may also be missing a few items from your grocery delivery order. How can you stay on track with healthy meals when you feel defeated by limited options? Maybe you had a meal plan for the week, and then visiting the grocery store becomes disheartening?

Don’t fret! You can still make healthy meals despite struggling to find your necessities at the local grocery.

Get Creative.

Most grocery chains are being affected by shortages, but this doesn’t mean you must give up on your meal plan. Have you heard of the MisFits market? Consider this short-term subscription for organic produce that may not look as pretty but has all the nutrition value and delivers to your doorstep. It surprises me when I have an opportunity to try new things!

Ask your friends on social media.

Let’s be honest. The average American checks their social media accounts all day. Drop a tweet or a post and ask your local neighbors if they have some ingredients to spare. We could all use the community amid the quarantines and isolations over the past two years.

Make the most of what’s available.

Consider plant-based burgers, grab canned chicken if you must, or substitute different meats —alternative protein sources such as beans, quinoa, and chickpeas are usually on the shelf, too. If you’re missing fruits and vegetables, consider frozen options since they are packed at the peak of their freshness and have the same nutrition components as fresh fruits and vegetables. Be OK eating canned vegetables. Rinse thoroughly to wash off extra salt or look for the no salt added versions.

Shop from your pantry.

Pull the spices out of your cabinet, add lemon juice, simmer in balsamic vinegar, and top with parmesan cheese. Making your food taste good is a key to a sustainable healthy diet. Pull out the different canned vegetables and consider throwing them in the crockpot with some chicken broth for soups.

Although the grocery trips may seem tiresome, a positive outlook and the ability to pivot to creative options are vital when significant economic changes affect our food supply chain. Consider gathering with friends and neighbors to share items and encourage each other with healthy ideas. You can still choose healthy meals and food items, no matter what is missing from your InstaCart delivery.

Want to share recipes, wins, and goals with a fantastic group of women? Let’s connect.

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