Social media diet trends to avoid in 2022

Social media diet trends to avoid in 2022

Oh, social media. On one hand, you absolutely love the ability to keep up with tons of family and friends from across the country at no inconvenience. On the other hand, you’re really tired of the comparison and competition that seems to work its way into each and every platform. Nutrition has specifically grown even more confusing thanks to social media “nutrition”. “Drink this.” “Avoid that.” It can be exhausting trying to navigate what’s true and what’s false when it comes to nutrition opinions. Let’s take a closer look at several social media diet trends that aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Chlorophyll Water            

Let’s start with the drink that took over TikTok: chlorophyll water. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants. Remember learning about photosynthesis back in biology class? It’s that chlorophyll reference. Chlorophyll is good for your body in how it works to reduce inflammation and support red blood cells. However, buying an expensive liquid or powder as a supplement is totally unnecessary. The main problem arises when considering these products are not FDA regulated. While you may be consuming a small dose of chlorophyll, you cannot undoubtedly know that chlorophyll is all that’s in your bottle. The solution is simple: eat more greens! Peas, arugula, spinach, parsley, and any other completely green veggie or herb you can think of are natural ways to boost your chlorophyll intake. Plus, they’re way cheaper!


You may have seen the viral #WhatIEatInADay videos. Some of these are great! I love when I see women and men promoting complete meals, healthy snacks, and treats in moderation. However, some of them aren't so great. If you watch a few, you’ll notice some people’s “What I Eat In A Day” looks similar to what you eat in a meal. This is where that comparison starts to creep in. Don’t let someone on the internet tell you what your body needs. An iced coffee is not breakfast. Listen to YOUR hunger, eat good food, fuel your body, and save room for dessert sometimes!

Dipping cucumbers in sugar

A final diet trend that swept social media gives me quite the laugh. Instead of allowing your body to eat a natural, real watermelon full of fiber and antioxidants, some “Nutritionists” in the media have come up with an alternative: dipping your cucumbers in sugar. This one just makes no sense! I promise you, the sugar content of a watermelon is so much better for your body than the added refined sugar on a cucumber. Fruit is so good for you, so please don’t replace it with a sugary veggie alternative. Save your cucumbers for hummus. Pro tip- watermelon tastes best by the pool on a hot summer day.

Remember that every person’s body and nutrition needs are different. Focus on incorporating real, whole foods into your daily meals. Eat when you’re hungry. Your body does so much for you, and it can only continue to function efficiently if you fuel it well and adequately! Don't let social media trends dictate how you eat and drink. 

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