Valentine’s Day Ideas to Keep the Holiday Healthy & Sweet

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Keep the Holiday Healthy & Sweet

Happy February! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, don’t let this sweet holiday stress you! While one day most certainly won’t ruin all your progress, here are some tips for practicing balance and moderation during this holiday.

1. Cook at home.

Getting reservations on Valentine’s Day can indeed be a nightmare. Save your headache and some calories this year! Consider cooking together and dining by candlelight at your kitchen table. Stick to grilling a lean protein, preparing a nice salad, end with a small portion of roasted potatoes quinoa, or grab a Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted Wine (my favorite “counted” carbohydrate)!

2. Try dark chocolate.

If you’re considering buying some Reese’s cups and assorted chocolates this Valentine’s Day, maybe think again if you’re trying to meet some health goals. It’s okay to splurge and enjoy life. One day will not ruin everything! However, for an alternative, pick up some 60% dark chocolate or even grab a few dark chocolate-covered strawberries. Fruit arrangements, jewelry, and flowers can also make for some healthy swaps that still warm my heart.

3. Stay active.

Consider a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood to help your digestion and get in some steps. You could even skip the movie night and go for a game of mini-golf or a nice bike ride. There are many ways to get creative with your date night this Valentine’s Day.

Focus on spending time cherishing the one you love this Valentine’s Day! Don’t let the fear of ruining your progress shift your attention from the one that matters in your life. Does meal planning or food stress you out? Let’s connect.

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