Why you shouldn't be scared of carbs

Why you shouldn't be scared of carbs

“Avoid carbs to lose weight.”

I am sure you have heard that phrase at some point in recent years. There is a reason we crave carbs so much, and that is because our body NEEDS THEM. Carbohydrates are essential to eating a healthy diet unless they are overconsumed or highly processed. That, my friends, is where the confusion comes in. Balancing and incorporating healthy carbohydrates in your meals (without restricting) your favorite dessert or wine is… the key to life. Ok, I am being dramatic, but seriously, carbohydrates are a GOOD THING and give us the fuel we need for brain function and energy.

Here are four benefits of carbohydrates and why you should not be FREAKING scared to eat them.

1.     Promotes digestive health

Dietary fibers are in natural carbohydrate foods which are excellent in aiding digestion. Carbohydrates help in waste removal and preventing constipation. This will reduce bloating and the uncomfortable full feeling after eating a meal.

2.     Carbs are the primary source of energy and brain function

Carbohydrates are one of the most essential necessities for brain function and energy. This is because carbohydrates eventually break down into glucose which is the primary source of healthy brain function and energy.

3.     Prevents weight gain

Yeah, you heard that right. Eating carbohydrates does not make you fat. Staying away from processed carbohydrates and steering towards healthy carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help prevent weight gain. The fiber in healthy carbohydrates keeps you fuller and longer and gives you energy.

4.     Improves muscle mass

Carbohydrates are crucial to muscle mass because the body will look for glycogen instead of breaking down muscle tissue for energy. Carbohydrates help repair muscles and prevent muscle from being broken down for fuel.

The take-home message?

Carbohydrates are NECESSARY for our bodies. Several fad diets have encouraged us to reduce carbohydrates ultimately, but carbohydrates from natural sources are proven very important for our bodies. Cutting carbohydrates too low can lead to many health problems. Make sure you consume healthy carbohydrates with healthy eating behaviors, and believe it or not, you can still LOSE WEIGHT.

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