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4 Week Meal Plan Digital Download

4 Week Meal Plan Digital Download

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Introducing our 4 Week Meal Plan for Balance and just flat out "Feeling Better" - a comprehensive digital download designed to help you optimize your nutrition planning while still enjoying a variety of delicious and balanced meals. (Meal plans tend to be a dietitian’s most requested resource.)

This 30+ page digital download meal plan includes:

• 8 options for breakfast
• 4 snack options
• 4 lunch meal prep options
• 16 dinner options;

This will ensure that you have plenty of options to choose from throughout the week.

Each meal is carefully crafted to include a protein, carbohydrate, and fat, ensuring that you are getting a well-rounded and balanced meal every time. When you do this, you feel satisfied. Eating an apple alone isn’t going to make you feel full. Am I right? Additionally, meals are spaced equally throughout the day to optimize metabolism, ensuring that your body is functioning at its best… you stop crashing in the afternoon and reaching for yet another Diet Coke.

To make grocery shopping and meal preparation as easy as possible, we've included a number of helpful resources in this digital download. This includes grocery store swap tips, suggested cookware, and a suggested pantry list, which will help you stock your kitchen with all the essentials you need to make these delicious meals. You may spend a little more money upfront, but once your pantry is armed with the essentials, you’ll save so much.

To make grocery shopping even easier, we've also included a printable grocery store list, which you can take with you to the store and use to ensure you purchase all the ingredients you need for the week ahead. Another tip? Use a grocery order app. You’re less likely to reach for unnecessary extras, and you won’t overspend. 

It's important to note that this meal plan is not structured around a specific caloric intake, allowing both males and females with different nutrition needs to utilize this meal plan to optimize their health with balanced nutrition and health planning. While weight loss is not guaranteed, it most certainly could happen when you do start fueling your body appropriately. This meal plan is designed to empower you to plan, execute, and discover how you feel with balanced options.

We believe that meal plans are not meant to cripple you, and being perfect is not the goal. With 80% effort, you can yield huge results. If you eat 4 times a day, that’s 28 meals a week. Hitting 80% means you have the flexibility for 5-6 meals or snacks in a week to be missed, less than ideal, or feeling just fine eating a birthday cake slice at the office, knowing it’s not going to ruin everything. 

We look forward to supporting your nutrition and health through this meal plan, and if you need more support, there’s always the option to work individually with a registered dietitian. 

Note: this item is a digital download and non-refundable. 

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