Diets are NOT Realistic

Forever, that is…

There are seasons for weight loss and “reigning it back in” is definitely needed from time to time. Maybe you over indulged during the holidays or the stress of life takes over and you lose track, or fast food is just EASY. When I begin working with those who wish for fat loss, I purposely start with 60 days instead of more. A diet is short lived, not realistic forever. Once your goal is achieved, maintaining doesn’t have to be hard. Continuing to work with a dietitian to maintain and achieve that ultimate healthy lifestyle can be to your long-term benefit.

1) Crash Dieting is a “no-no”

Significantly cutting calories and carbs to lose weight can be dangerous. If you can cut 5 lbs. in a week from significantly depriving self from calories and carbs, just imagine 10lbs. being added back once you end this cycle of madness. You’ll eat everything in sight and your body will hold on to EVERYTHING. It’s been starving!

2) Eat more to lose weight.

The chances are, a poor diet of “I don’t even eat that much” is related to a slow metabolism and poor, quick high calorie choices. Eating more GOOD food will actually level out your insulin, increase your metabolism, and allow your body to absorb all the goodness from higher quality (and quantity) foods.

3) Lose Fat…. And Muscle? No thanks.

Weight loss can be a slow process. Are you sure you want to lose weight quickly? If you’re putting any time in the gym, it is likely you’re losing muscle as well if you are quickly seeing the number on the scale go down. To maintain muscle during fat loss, consult with a dietitian to insure you are eating enough foods to have slow weight loss ( that won’t come back) while preserving muscle too.

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