National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Oh for the love of females and fitness! I can get fired up talking about women empowering women through health and fitness. With that, I am celebrating National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! As a woman, health and fitness looks very different than our counterpart males. They are build with less fat, more muscle, they burn more calories, and sometimes can eat more and lose weight. Totally not fair. BUT as a woman, we are physiologically structured with these bodies for childbearing, for power, and endurance. I have come up with some ideas in which we can celebrate our health, fitness, and bodies today and throughout the rest of the year! There are only three more months left in this year before people will start making New Year’s resolutions. Why wait? Start now and take some of these tips to better your lifestyle and celebrate health and fitness. I truly believe health and fitness is one way that I have been called in to ministry to help and support women and empower them so they can do better and be better humans.
1. Try something new! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I would love to have you come to the Orange Theory Fitness Dothan studio and try a class. You ask what I have done for my fitness that is out of my comfort zone this month? I took a yoga class and went for lap swim at Westgate pool. Grab a girlfriend because everyone knows we travel in pairs…. or a posse. 

2. Get your blood checked. Your thyroid and your hormones may be causing you to feel sluggish or wreak havoc on your concentration, mood and weight. Because I am so active, this time last year I was really in tune with my body knowing that something was not right with my mood, my concentration and my weight gain. Sure enough, I had hormones out of whack. Spend the co-pay and go see your family physician. It’s good to have a wellness check up!
3. Take a much needed nap. Seriously! Carve out some time and treat yourself to a good Sabbath and rest. I know it may be difficult to rest all day today, but take the time to power nap. There are so many health benefits to adequate sleep and it has been correlated in studies to aid in weight loss.
4. It goes without saying, but eat healthy diet! Eat for your bones. You’ve got to get enough calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and strong especially as we age. You are a brick-house, lady! Make sure that you are eating to fuel your body that goes and goes and goes. Don’t forget you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else and a healthy diet is literally your gas in the gas tank.
5. Drink enough water. Stay hydrated. This is talked about all the time. But seriously if you aren’t drinking enough water, take a before picture today of your face, increase your water intake and then take an after picture in one month. I guarantee your skin will be much more beautiful and your face will look much more alive.
6. I’m celebrating with a massage! My body is tired because I put a lot of stress on it and this prolonged stress is starting to take a toll. Flush out some toxins with a good deep tissue massage and a lot of water. Treat yourself.
However you choose to celebrate your health and your body, comment below! You’re only given one life to live and one body, one temple. Make it worth it and treat it good. Here’s to you, healthy lady! 

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