Transformation Tuesday // Miss Alabama USA

Today I am so excited to talk about my best friend, Kelley Johnson and her transformation on the way to compete for Miss Alabama USA 2014. To be frank, Kelley hates to workout. When she sets a goal though, she gives it her all and she knew to rock the swimsuit portion of Miss AL USA, she would have to put in the time in the gym… and the kitchen.

Naturally lean, she has never had an issue with weight but knew for her muscle to shine through and to show off her hard work, she would have to fuel her body appropriately. Leading up to the competition, I would go to Kelley’s house to make sure her refrigerator was appropriately stocked, and whip up my famous Caribbean Chicken Salads for dinner. It required teamwork, but that’s what best friends are for, right?

Two months away from the competition, Kelley relied on me to make her nutrition plan so that she would be most successful, allowing no cheats so she had her perfectly lean bikini body on stage. It took some diligent time in the kitchen but we knew it would be worth it. I have no greater joy than seeing friends, turned clients succeed.

Upon competition arrival, it is no secret that sometimes there is no microwave, no refrigerator, and food is not readily available or your nerves are so bad, it’s easy to not eat. Not Kelley. I packed a cooler full of labeled meals and Kelley actually ATE while at the competition as hungry girls looked over her shoulder in envy.

Nutrition intake 24-48 hours before a stage competition is KEY. Supplying her body with what it needed, she had energy and an incredible physique that won her the swimsuit award at Miss AL USA 2014. I could not be more proud of Kelley and her dedication during this time.

Here’s what Kelley has to say:

“I honestly could not have made it through those two months without Katie and Mike. Mike helped me train and Katie helped me eat. It’s true at competitions that all they feed you is carbs… pizza, Chick-fil-a, donuts, pastries. Having Katie’s pre-made meals in my lunch box cooler kept me from making bad decisions at the pageant. I can remember everyone getting ready down stairs on finals night. No one ate… I was in the break room eating by myself. A friend walked in and asked what I was eating. I told them about how Katie prepared my meals. They said “oh I should have done that!” While I did not take home the crown, I am most proud to have won the swimsuit award. Katie knows I hate working out and I love chocolate. With support and guidance, I was able to achieve my goal and happily hang up my pageant hat.”

If you have a beauty pageant, wedding, or other upcoming event that you want to feel good and look good for, I would love to design your meal plan so that you are equipped, motivated and successful.

2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday // Miss Alabama USA”

  1. I remember when Kelley competed without Katie, she would get weak on stage and her legs would shake and that was from lack of nutrition during the pageants. Katie designed her meals and she never went hungry or got weak from not eating or eating the wrong things during her pageant at Miss Alabama USA 2014. Katie is the best!!

  2. I was so blessed to be a part of Kelleys competition journey. I saw fist hand the work and effort Katie put into the nutrition that helped Kelley achieve her goals. The food prep, the little notes hidden away for encouragement, right down to the quality of the food. What a difference it made!!! Highly recommend Katie for not only pageant nutrition but also for helping to meet your goals to become a happier, healthier you!!!

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